Our Vision
Delivery. For the next Generation.

Achieve more, with our all-in-one delivery solution

“With Glocally there is finally a delivery service that cares about me.”
Customer Satisfaction
Emission-free delivery

Package delivery and returns - reinvented

We are a technology company that’s rethinking last-mile logistics. We enable personalized, fast, transparent and sustainable next-day deliveries and returns that increase customer satisfaction and drive customer lifetime value.

Your new delivery options with Glocally

Express Delivery
No more waiting! Green & fast deliveries for your brand.
Next Day Delivery
Minimize waiting time and increase convenience.
Timeslot Delivery
Arrival when it suits you best. Not vice versa!
Home Returns
Picking up returns directly from your customers door
Our main Features

Features, that make you want to deliver with Glocally

Deliveries suited to your preference

Every delivery service says they give delivery options. But very few really do and nobody does it like us.

Support when you need it most

In case anything is unclear about our delivery, reach out anytime and our team of experts answers any question fast.

Live Tracking to the Minute

We predict a parcel’s arrival to the minute so you don’t need to wait all day. Simply open the live map and see exactly where the parcel is

Real-time Notifications

Always stay up-to-date and receive mobile-first notifications so you actually read them.

Choose your own Timeslot

Enough with unpredictable arrivals. Schedule your deliveries to the minunte with our time window feature.

With Germany-wide coverage

Glocally is in the process of operating in key metropolitan areas and the surrounding neigbourhoods across the whole DACH region.
We are on a mission to simplify Deliveries in E-Commerce.