Zero Emission E-Commerce Delivery for your Brand
Customers expect more from online shopping. We help you to meet this expectation. Increase your Customer Live Time Value with Delivery by Glocally.

Best brands win by offering a premium delivery

On-Time Delivery
Glocally reaches up to 99% On-Time Delivery (OTD). The focus on transparent and real-time time windows enables us to reach customers when they are at home.
Customer Satisfaction
Turning your traditional carrier process into a premium delivery experience is what Glocally focuses on. Elevate the post-purchase experience into something unforgettable. Just like your products.
Emission-free delivery
Focussing on electric vehicles powered by green electricity while constantly reducing travel times removes concerns about sustainability for your customers. Use our zero emission focus to satisfy your customers and set new standards.
Our delivery process

How Glocally works

Customer places new order

Customers are placing orders on your e-commerce website

Collection at your facility

Glocally works with brands to ensure efficient first-mile shipments to Glocally’s regional sorting facilities.

Distribution and last-mile management

Our proprietary tech builds the most efficient routes and schedules on-time deliveries.

Real-time updates for recipients

After the order has been placed, Glocally leverages mobile-first communication channels for sending the link to our tracking app, and inform the customers about shipment updates.

Live tracking and customization

With Glocally’s Shopper App, the Customers can Live Track the parcel during the delivery and receive an accurate Time of Arrival.

Rate the Delivery

Customers rate the delivery experience and can reach out to Glocally’s Customer Support Team for further help.

Our main Features

Features, that make you want to deliver with Glocally

Deliveries suited to your preference

Every delivery service says they give delivery options. But very few really do and nobody does it like us.

Support when you need it most

In case anything is unclear about our delivery, reach out anytime and our team of experts answers any question fast.

Live Tracking to the Minute

We predict a parcel’s arrival to the minute so you don’t need to wait all day. Simply open the live map and see exactly where the parcel is

Real-time Notifications

Always stay up-to-date and receive mobile-first notifications so you actually read them.

Choose your own Timeslot

Enough with unpredictable arrivals. Schedule your deliveries to the minunte with our time window feature.

Why you should deliver with Glocally

Next Day Delivery
Seamless Doorstep Returns
24/7 Brand + Customer Support
100% Emission-Free
Real-time customer experience

Let's talk!

“You want to increase your brands delivery experience? You want to become the leader of sustainable Online Shopping? Together with you we want to find that out. Looking forward to meet you!”
Fabian Warmdt - CEO & VP Sales

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